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Online Learning Protocols.

Dear Parent/Guardian(s)

Your child’s education is of paramount importance to us at Coláiste Eoin. With this in mind as we move to online learning, I wanted to brief you on the structure and format that this will take. There will be a staff briefing/consultation session for teachers at 9 am on Monday January 11th. To facilitate this, online teaching and learning will commence for our students from 10.10 am class on Monday. Please take time to read through the following as a guide to our online learning approach. When learning online, it is important that students realise that all the normal protocols around respect apply. Students should behave as if they are physically in class.

Teaching and Learning in the event of school closure (online classes) 

  • Respectful online communication, wellbeing and the use of digital technologies to support teaching, are key to managing teaching and learning outside of the physical  school structure. 
  • To support the online engagement of students and to optimise student learning, teachers will look to vary and appropriately scaffold subject content. This will help  ensure that students are not overwhelmed by a multitude of online content. 
  • The school timetable will applystudent attendance will be taken and monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Students are expected to be on time for class. Logging on late disrupts learning and teaching. 
  • The applications that will be used will be Microsoft 365 – TEAMS, Chat, OneNote, etc. 
  • All members of the school community should turn off notifications outside of theirlearning/working hours. 
  • Teachers should only be contacted during school hours. No emails or messages (TEAMS) should be sent to teachers after 5pm or at weekends. Assigned work can  be submitted through TEAMS outside of those hours. 

eLearning Approach 

eLearning will take what is known as a ‘blended’ approach. As with traditional classes, 

different teachers may use different methods or approaches, often dependent on the 

subject but everyone will be using the same platform, Microsoft 365. 

In all cases the primary aim is to cover the required curriculum areas for their specific 

subject. The teacher will decide the most effective method to use to achieve this aim. 

Students should get in touch with their teacher (during school hours only) if they are having 

difficulty with any aspect of their subject or if they are finding the workload unmanageable. 

  • Synchronous classes, via TEAMS will take place at the normal timetabled class times; 
  • Asynchronous communication, via TEAMS or Email, will involve sending work to students during the timetabled class once attendance is taken on Microsoft TEAMS. 

Students Role: 

  • Students are expected to adhere to all school policies. 
  • If a student needs to reset their log-in details, they should contact the School Office. 
  • The material created by the teacher on TEAMS is the property of the school/teacher and students do not have permission to share with others outside of the TEAM unless the teacher gives them permission to do so. 
  • Students should be mindful of email etiquette and communication tone when communicating with teachers. Teachers should be addressed at the beginning of the email; a polite tone should be maintained throughout and students should sign off as appropriate. 
  • As student internet access cannot be supervised by a teacher during periods of distance learning, student personal responsibility is essential and/or parent/guardian monitoring where possible. 
  • As per all matters pertaining to our school’s Code of Behaviour, if a student acts in a fashion that is contrary to our code’s expectations, they may receive sanctions. 
  • The timetabled classes are only one element of a balanced approach been taken by Colaiste Eoin. We expect students to engage in other tasks such as independent work, online classes such as pre-recorded lessons, physical workouts and time away from the screen. 

In addition, students should: 

  • Establish a good school-day routine with sensible health breaks and follow their usual timetable on a daily basis; 
  • Check their Colaiste Eoin email and TEAMS account to ensure that they are present and on time for each class and/or to collect assigned work and instructions from various subject teachers.
  • Attend all online classes and engage with the set tasks and activities to the best of  their ability and submit work on completion as advised by their subject teachers; 
  • Work in a suitable learning environment - a quiet space, at a desk/table, with no distractions; 
  • Join online classes/TEAM meetings with their cameras and microphones off; 
  • Only turn their camera and/or microphone on if instructed by the teacher; 
  • Use the raised hand/Chat function if they want to ask a question or contribute to class discussion; 
  • Be suitably dressed for class; 
  • Follow the direction of their teacher just as in the classroom; 
  • Not record classes at any time - this is strictly prohibited; 
  • Not take screenshots, photos or videos of others on any device - this is strictly prohibited; 
  • Not share or post inappropriate or unrelated material at any time; 
  • Respect the views of everyone online; 
  • Use appropriate ‘classroom’ language when speaking online; 
  • Be adequately prepared for each class - this includes having the correct textbooks, completed homework assignments, and any relevant materials; 
  • Communicate with teachers using the given platform and during school hours only; 
  • Not use their mobile phone other than to join online classes; 
  • Not use inappropriate profile pictures 

It is essential when submitting work that the assignment is clearly marked with the  students name, class and subject. 

 Non-compliance with these procedures will result in an appropriate sanction. Non-compliance may result in parents being contacted and students may be removed from the online class.

The Code of Behaviour applies if students are not engaging with online teaching and  learning. Normal procedures will apply. 

Please note, that while the timetable will be followed, that at times Broadband connections may not be reliable or teachers may be sick. Where possible we will endeavour to inform you if this is the case.  

Parents should inform the school through the office if their son/daughter is unable to attend online classes due to illness or other reasons. 

Yours sincerely 

Mr. Alan Costello 


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